Rules for the AnyCryptoStock xStock Challenge

The challenge consists of guessing the price of xStock as of the challenge end date.
Prizes will be awarded to the users who guess or come closest to the correct price.
The challenge will close at the challenge close date
How to participate in the AnyCryptoStock xStock Challenge
To participate in the AnyCryptoStock xStock Challenge, the user must be registered on AnyCryptoStock.
On, the user must enter their xStock price prediction as of the challenge end date and click Send.
The user must then fill out a form indicating
- Account ID on AnyCryptoStock
- Email
This form is necessary to complete the registration. If the user does not complete the form, the registration will be invalid and the prediction will not be considered for the challenge.
Those who are not registered on AnyCryptoStock can still enter their prediction, register their account on AnyCryptoStock (watch the tutorial) and then complete the challenge participation process.
When entering the email address, which is necessary for contact in case of winning, users must consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the regulations in force.
It will not be possible to enter a prediction and participate in the challenge after the challenge close date.
The winners will be announced after the challenge end date.
In case of a tie (intended as an equidistance from the exact price), the user who first recorded his/her prediction will be considered the winner.
How to enter a prediction
Each time a user enters his/her prediction and registers for the challenge, no other user will be able to enter an identical prediction.
Each forecast entered is published in a table, so that participants can check the prices that have already been entered by other users.